We have your technology needs covered. Whether it's workstation or server management, system maintenance, backups or Wi-Fi, we can provide you with affordable technology solutions that meet your business needs.

Managed Services

Through active monitoring of your system's health, we are able to proactively mitigate many IT system issues that commonly cause outages and lost productivity.

Virus and Malware Remediation/Removal​

Security is critical in today's business environment, so it is now more important than ever to prevent and actively monitor and resolve threats as they occur.


Everyone knows backing up data is essential, but very few actually do it. We follow a 3-2-1 backup methodology to ensure your data is safely and securely backed up and can be restored quickly, should a disaster occur.

On-Site and Remote Support

IT problems happen when you least expect them, and it is essential to have the proper support when and where you need it. Using our remote connect software, we can help resolve or guide you through most solutions. For those that cannot be handled remotely, we will visit your location to ensure you're up and running in a timely manner.

Additional Services

Linux Administration​

A Linux administrator is often the difference between a large-scale system that runs smoothly over long periods of time and a system that crashes often. 


Whether on-premise or in the Cloud, we can give your key infrastructure systems the attention they deserve so they continue to perform as you expect.

Wi-Fi Installation and Management

With the growing demand of wireless devices, businesses need reliable Wi-Fi connections for their employees and customers.

Data Destruction and Recycling

Data is a key component of any business, but at some point it may need to be securely destroyed. If you have paper files, those get shredded. For electronic data, we can help you do the same. Following industry standards, we are able to securely destroy data on old hardware, and then properly recycle it.

Structured Cabling Systems

Whether you need to add new network connections to your office or re-wire it to bring it up-to-date, having proper cabling installed is vital to getting your data moving.


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