About Us


The technology we use daily should complement a business, not make it more difficult to operate. The same can be said for those we choose to manage that technology.


With over 20 years of experience providing customer support surrounding the world of technology, Graef Technical Solutions values our customer relationships. We believe our customers should be treated with the respect they deserve. Running a small business has its challenges, and technology doesn't need to be one of them. We help identify and implement the best solutions for each business while keeping a continued focus on reliability and security.

Why choose us?


We take your problems personally

When you have technical issues, you will engage with a human and not just a ticket. We talk with you throughout the process and directly reply to your calls, emails, texts or through other electronic means to keep you informed of how and when your issue will be resolved.


Security is essential 


Security is serious business, and we practice what we recommend to customers. We deploy two-factor authentication on our critical systems and encrypt "all the things" so client data remains protected. By staying vigilant with our own systems, we can help our customers implement the same in their business.


Software with a purpose 


Information is key to helping customers, and finding it quickly helps us do that efficiently. We track the work history for each client and keep configuration files for systems in a secure profile. For our managed service clients, we further care for the business by automating all updates and monitoring desktops, servers, and networks with best-of-breed automation systems. Our systems talk to your systems and any alerts are sent to us immediately for review to help ensure timely, accurate, and effective support.  


With a background in Linux and Virtualization, we believe in open-source systems. Our in-house and data center servers utilize a combination of Linux, FreeBSD, and XCP-ng. These projects, as well as other open-source projects, are deployed throughout larger enterprises and make up the modern Cloud infrastructure. Thanks to innovation in the open-source community, we all benefit from a better and more secure software ecosystem.